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Three gold ore beneficiation technology methods!

2022-07-26 17:30:11


Due to its special nature, gold serves the dual function of commodity and currency. With the increasing depletion of high-grade gold ore reserves, the selection of medium and low-grade refractory gold ore has become the mainstream trend. Although gold has high mining value, its beneficiation technology is relatively complex, and the beneficiation technology methods are also different. At present, gold ore beneficiation technologies include: gravity separation, flotation, cyanide leaching and thiourea leaching methods. Let’s take a look at these gold ore beneficiation technologies one by one.

1. Gold ore gravity separation technology
Gravity separation is a traditional beneficiation technology, which utilizes the difference in density between gold ore and other minerals to separate and enrich gold with higher density from other minerals under the condition of monomer dissociation. Generally used for placer beneficiation.

In placer gold, gold usually exists in the form of single natural gold, and the density is quite different from that of gangue minerals. Therefore, gravity separation can effectively separate gold minerals, which is not only efficient but also economical. However, in vein gold ore, gravity separation is rarely used alone, and is mostly used as a part of combined beneficiation. Generally, in the circuit of grinding and grading, a jig, a spiral chute and a shaking table are used to recover some of the monomers in advance. Dissociated coarse gold for subsequent flotation and cyanidation operations.


2. Gold ore flotation technology
Gold flotation is based on the difference in the physical and chemical properties of the surface of gold ore, and usually requires the assistance of flotation reagents. It is generally used for gold-bearing pyrite, gold-bearing copper, arsenic, lead-zinc and other sulfide ores. For the treatment of fine-grained disseminated gold ores and ores with complex compositions, a good separation effect can be achieved.

Due to the high density of gold, it has good floatability, but due to its small amount, it cannot form stable mineralized foam and cannot float well. When the gold particles are larger than 0.25mm or the quartzite gold ore without metal sulfides At this time, it is difficult to recover by flotation technology, and other beneficiation technologies can be used for recovery at this time.


3. Gold ore cyanidation leaching technology
Cyanide leaching technology, also known as cyanidation method, is mainly a method of leaching gold and silver in ore or concentrate by using oxygen-containing cyanide solution, and then extracting and recovering gold and silver from the leaching solution. Generally, it is mostly used for small gold particles (1 ~ 7μm), ore with less mud and not easy to mud, and the separation of pyrrhotite, arsenopyrite, bismuthite, and metal minerals that are easy to form complexes of cyanide.

Commonly used cyanidation gold extraction techniques are: percolation cyanidation, stirring cyanidation, carbon slurry gold extraction, carbon leaching gold and heap leaching gold extraction.

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