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How to use and maintain the gold ore wet pan mill

2022-06-29 16:50:24


Gold ore wet pan mill have many years of history in beneficiation equipment, and are welcomed by customers because of their convenient operation and fine discharge granularity. Especially in Africa, South America and other regions, it is widely used in gold mining. This equipment can replace crusher and ball mill. The ore can be directly fed into the wet pan mill. The discharge particle size can be adjusted at any time. It is widely used in rock gold mines and alluvial gold mines. Let’s introduce to you how to use and maintain the gold ore wet pan mill:

Common problems and solutions of gold rolling machine for gold selection equipment check the sealing part of the gold ore wet pan mill to ensure that its various humidity parts are normal and there is no leakage. If there is any, it must be dealt with in time. In this part, it is very important to see the specific gravity, viscosity, residue and other parameters of the slurry you want to obtain. If the specific gravity is required to be high, there will definitely be sticking and grinding. This can be increased by suitable debonders and proportions. The working efficiency of the wet pan mill, if the requirements for the viscosity of the slurry are not high, the ratio can be increased, but it is not easy to grind without sticking at all, depending on your requirements for the specific gravity, that is, the amount of water added. If the stick grinding phenomenon occurs in the operation of the energy-saving gold mill, it is necessary to first analyze the changes in the properties of the ore, such as the amount of ore fed, the amount of water fed, and the amount of sand returned.



How to use the gold ore wet pan mill:

The gold rolling machine is a medium-sized wet grinding equipment matched with the press. The material processing by this machine can improve the forming rate. The grinding drum of the gold rolling machine is of the ferrule type. After one year of use, it is only necessary to replace the outer drum ring when changing the rolling drum of the gold rolling machine. The rolling drum and the bottom are processed with pure white iron and special wear-resistant materials. Made to last. The power of this machine is driven by the motor through the V-belt to the reducer (gold, particulate gold). The products formed by the material milled by this machine have the characteristics of high density, good strength, and no porosity. High efficiency and energy saving, high output, this product is used for the recovery of tailings in the iron ore process, so that the ore powder is not lost, and the effective resources can be fully utilized. The products are well received by new and old customers, and have passed the standard testing of the Mining Machinery Quality Inspection Center in recent years. The development and production of gold rolling machine has never stopped, and it is easy to install and maintain, small, high output and low production cost. It is a gold machine for ore dressing of small and medium enterprises in mining areas. Ф1200, Ф1100, Ф1000, Ф900, Ф850 are available for users to choose gold. Structural design: The gold rolling machine must first be able to ensure a solid structure, reasonable design, safety and efficiency. Production process: A good production process can ensure that the equipment is sturdy and durable, and the production efficiency is high. The drying device with simple structure, sufficient supply of spare parts, high reliability and long service life is preferred. Only after passing the training of the manufacturer and understanding the structure and performance of the equipment, can you start to operate.

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