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How to choose a energy-saving ball mill for your rock gold processing plant?

2022-06-30 17:50:54


The grinding machine is the most important part in the beneficiation industry, because it directly affects the cost and profit of the whole plant. The energy consumption of grinding operation for about 45%~55% of the total energy consumption of the whole plant, and the production cost accounts for 40%~60% of the total cost of the whole plant. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to explore ways to reduce the energy consumption of grinding.

At present, energy-saving ball mill is generally used in beneficiation plants, and they have the courage to try new energy-saving measures, and have achieved obvious economic benefits.
The methods commonly used in China and abroad to reduce the energy consumption of mills mainly include the following:


1. Grid type ball mill instead of overflow type ball mill. Compared with the overflow type ball mill, the grid type ball mill not only has the lower ore pulp surface at the discharge port, but also the faster ore pulp passing speed, which can reduce the over-crushing of the ore. With grids, the small balls will not be brought out of the pulp by the pulp, and can form a good working condition. And the grid type ball mill is 20%~30% higher than the overflow type ball mill of the same specification, and can save about 25% of electricity.


2. Rolling bearing replaces sliding bearing. Rolling bearing has low friction coefficient, and the power consumption required by ball mill to overcome the frictional resistance of rolling bearing is lower than that of sliding bearing. At the same time, under normal working conditions, the main bearing does not need to be replaced for 10 years, which saves overhaul and maintenance costs and improves the operation rate of the ball mill.


3. The use of pneumatic clutch instead of ordinary clutch. Pneumatic clutch can successfully realize the staged start of synchronous motor and ball mill, and can make the motor realize no-load start, and when the stable running speed is reached, the clutch is combined to start the ball mill. In this way, the starting time of the motor itself can be shortened, the starting is easy, the impact of the starting current on the network is reduced, and the installed power of the mill is also reduced.


4. Using rubber lining. Rubber lining is a non-metallic material with high wear resistance. Practice has shown that after the wet mill adopts rubber lining, the unit energy consumption of the mill is generally reduced, about 10%, and the production Ability increased by about 5%. In addition, the service life of rubber linings is generally about 2~3 times that of alloy linings. In addition to reducing energy consumption, the rubber lining can also reduce the noise of the ball mill and greatly improve the working environment of workers.

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