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How to match steel balls for the gold ball mill?

2022-07-27 10:13:01


Ball mill grinding efficiency is not high Ball mill steel ball configuration is very important

1. Specification and quantity of steel balls for ball mill
Usually the diameter of the ball mill steel ball is between 20mm-125mm. 
Theoretically, when the steel ball filling is 40%, the ideal yield can be obtained. 
In actual production,the filling rate of steel balls in the barrel of the ball 
mill is mostly about 35%.

2. Ball mill steel ball material
In general, cast steel balls are suitable for dry grinding operations and forged 
steel balls are suitable for wet grinding operations. The greater the chromium content 
of the cast steel ball, the better the wear resistance. Forged steel balls have high 
impact toughness and are not easily deformed, but have a low breakage rate.

3. Ball mill steel ball ratio
When the ball mill is used for the first time, three kinds of large, medium and small 
balls need to be matched, and the first addition of steel balls needs to be added 
according to 80% of the upper limit of the amount of balls. The steel balls are constantly
worn out during operation, and the balls must be regularly and reasonably replenished to 
compensate for the wear and tear.

4. Ball mill steel ball grading
There are two common steel ball grading methods in the first warehouse of the ball mill: 
The multi-grade grading method often uses 4-5 different specifications of steel balls for
grading. In the second-level grading method, only two steel balls with large diameter 
differences are used for grading.

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