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Mineral processing technology of chrome ore

2022-07-02 15:46:04


Process introduction : Chrome ore processing is mainly gravity separation method, the main equipment used is jig machine, shaking table, spiral classifier , centrifugal separator and spiral chute. Sometimes gravity separation concentrate will use low intensity magnetic separator or high intensity magnetic separator, to further improve the chromium concentrate grade and ferrochrome ratio. In addition, individual mines will also choose flotation and flocculation flotation and other methods.


Application : The selection of chromium ore dressing process is closely related to the physical and chemical properties of chromium ore. Because chromium ore has weak magnetism, with the continuous progress of high intensity magnetic separation technology, with high intensity magnetic separation purification of chromium ore process has been very mature. And because magnetic separation process to the environment less pollution, chromium ore magnetic separation process has been popularized and applied in major mine concentrator.


Mineral processing method for chrome ore:


1. Gravity method:
The commonly used gravity separation main beneficiation process is: after grinding to a reasonable fineness of chromium ore fine material, through the spiral classifier with the help of the different gravity of solid particles in the liquid precipitation rate is different, the ore mixture for cleaning and classification. Then the material is washed with jig and shaker, and transported to spiral chute for sorting fine particle ore powder.


2.Flotation method:
After screening into the flotation machine or magnetic separator, into the flotation concentrate after dehydration.

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