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What should be paid attention to when the mobile crusher is operating?

2022-07-08 16:46:25


Any machine wants to use it for a long time, it is inseparable from maintenance. It also needs to be paid more attention during operation, and mobile crushers are no exception. Only you take good care of the equipment, the equipment will work better for you. The following will introduce the precautions for the operation of the mobile crusher, so that everyone can use it and refer to it in the future use process.

First, pay attention to the reasonable use of mobile crushers:
1. Under normal circumstances, as long as the crusher can continue to be used, the electrical interlocking system of its oil pressure cannot be removed under any circumstances.
2. For the sake of safety, during the operation of the machine, personnel shall not approach the rotating surface of the crusher, and shall not stand in the rotating surface.
3. During the working process of the machine, no one is allowed to put their hands into the machine to get raw materials or other items.
4. The raw material supplied to the crusher should not be too large, and the requirement should not exceed 0.85 times the size of the feeding port.
5. The mobile crusher must be empty when it is started, and there must be no material in the machine. The pulverizer is more suitable for rough and medium crushing of hard and medium-hard ores, so its crushing will not be too small.


Second, Prepare and check before the machine is running:
1. Before starting the machine, check whether the lubricating oil is normal and sufficient, and check whether there is blockage or oil leakage.
2. Check whether the various instruments of the crusher are in good condition and accurate. When problems are found, they should be repaired in time to ensure that the instruments can indicate correctly. Adjust the ore discharge port before running, so that the minerals can be discharged smoothly.
3. It is required to start with no load before starting, so first check whether there are ore or other debris in the crushing cavity of the NFLG mobile crusher, and if so, it should be removed in time.
4. Check the tightness of the V-belt and the locking spring before running. The tightness should be moderate. Too tight or too loose is prone to accidents.
5. Check whether the electrical interlocking device is normal. , Check whether the connecting bolts are loose, if necessary, tighten them in time.


Third, the operation method that should be paid attention to when starting:
1. When starting the machine, first start the vacuuming system.
2. The second step is to wait for the machine to receive the signal of the next technological process, and then start the jaw crusher with no load.
3. After the mobile crusher can operate normally, continue to start the trough feeder and then it can operate normally. Then the ore feeding starts to work normally.

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