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What precautions should we know when installing the jaw crusher?

2020-03-09 16:43:52


Jaw crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, road, railway, road, slag, water conservancy and chemical industries for crushing various materials with compression strength less than 350 Mpa. As jaw crusher has a large vibration during work, our operators should to understand the precautions when in using the jaw crusher and ensure the normal operation, please kindly refer to the detailed operation steps as below:

1. Before starting the jaw crusher, the oil pump motor and cooling system should be started first. After 3-4 minutes, when the oil pressure and oil flow indicators are in normal, then start the jaw crusher motor; after starting If the jaw crusher makes an abnormal sound, it should stop running, find out the reason, and restart without load. After a period of time to start, if it is in normal operation then can start the mining equipment, and the ore fed into the jaw crusher should be gradually Increase until full load operation.
2. During the operation, please attention you must be paid to the uniform feeding of the ore. The ore must not be packed in the crushing cavity, and the maximum size of the ore block should not be greater than 0.85 times the width of the ore mouth. At the same time, non-crushable should be strictly prevented from entering the jaw crusher when feeding. During the operation, you must also pay attention to the large ore stuck to the jaw crusher’s feeding port. If it is stuck, please use iron hooks to turn the ore; if large ore needs to be taken out of the crushing chamber, should use the special tools, do not perform these tasks by hand to avoid accidents.
3. During the operation of the machine, if the feed is too much or the crushing cavity is blocked, the feed should be stop the action and the jaw crusher should be started after the ore in the crushing chamber is crushed. However, the jaw crusher is not allowed to stop at this time. During operation, regular inspections should be conducted to observe the working condition and bearing temperature of each component of the jaw crusher. For large jaw crusher, the temperature of the sliding bearing usually does not exceed 60 degrees Celsius to prevent melting of the alloy bearing bush and the burning of bush Accidents; when the bearing temperature is found to be high, do not stop the operation immediately. Effective measures should be taken to reduce the bearing temperature in time (such as increasing the amount of pumping, forced ventilation, or water cooling, etc.). Only after the bearing temperature drops, then stop to check and troubleshoot.
4. To ensure the normal operation of the machine, not allowed operating the jaw crusher alone for the personnel who are not familiar with the operating.
5. When the jaw crusher is stopped, it must be stopped according to the order of the production process. First step, the ore feeding must be stopped. After the ore in the crushing chamber is completely discharged, the jaw crusher and the belt conveyor are stopped. When the jaw crusher stops, the motor of the oil pump can be stopped.
6. If the jaw crusher suddenly stops for some reason, before the accident is finished and the vehicle is ready to be driven, the ore accumulated in the crushing chamber must be cleared before the operation can be started.
7. Operator also required to regularly performing maintenance on the jaw crusher, which can increase the Working life of the crusher, reduce safety risks, and improve production efficiency. However, various problems will inevitably occur during the long-term production process of the crusher. This requires that the operation and maintenance personnel can quickly and accurately determine the failure of the crusher and make countermeasures.

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