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Mineral processing technology of placer gold

2022-07-09 15:55:23


[Process Description] : The purpose of the ore dressing process is to recover gold ore and all kinds of associated heavy minerals from gangue minerals as much as possible, and then separate gold ore and all kinds of associated heavy minerals from each other by gravity separation, mercury mixing, magnetic separation and electrostatic separation, so as to achieve the purpose of comprehensive recovery.

[Application] : Placer gold dressing process is mainly used in coastal sand ore, riverside sand ore or alluvial sand ore. The beneficiation process of placer gold includes cracking, screening, desliming stage and separation operation.


Placer gold ore washing
Many placer gold deposits contain cemented slime, some of whose particle size is greater than 100 mm. If this slime is not broken, it will be eliminated with waste rock in the screening process, resulting in the loss of gold. In addition, vibrating screen and drum screen commonly used as screening equipment, both long service life, large processing capacity.


Placer gold separation
The practice shows that gravity separation is an effective and economical method for gold ore. Due to the different particle size composition of gold in placer gold mine, the effective particle size limit of materials treated by different beneficiation equipment is also different, so the reasonable placer gold separation process should adopt the joint operation of several different gravity separation equipment.


Jigging separator & shaker table
Hengchang sawtooth wave jig, the failure rate is reduced by 80%, the energy consumption is small, can realize the separation of different materials, improve the processing capacity of more than 35%. In addition, hengchang jig separator adopts advanced frequency conversion speed regulation technology, easy to operate and management; Small occupation area, large processing capacity per unit area. The traditional 6S shaker is improved by adopting the CAM lever head, changing the position of the sliding head on the rocker arm can adjust the stroke, and the stroke is adjusted by the smooth motor pulley. Its advantage is easy to adjust the stroke; The surface of the shaker runs smoothly; Compact structure; Lower energy consumption.

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