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To improve the flotation recovery rate of quartz gold mine

2022-12-13 15:23:04


Flotation is often used as the main beneficiation method for low sulfur quartz type gold ores. For this kind of gold-bearing minerals, they are usually characterized by uneven distribution size and complex symbiotic relationship between gold minerals and pyrite and other minerals, which causes certain difficulties in the separation of gold minerals. As common precious metals, gold minerals pay great attention to the recovery rate. Therefore, how to improve the recovery rate of gold minerals has become a widely concerned issue in the separation of quartz type gold ores.

In view of the complicated distribution and symbiosis of gold minerals in ores, we can start from two perspectives: adjusting flotation reagent system, improving grinding stage.

1.Adjusted flotation chemical potion:

For the flotation process, the use of flotation reagent directly affects the recovery of ore, so in improving the recovery of this problem, adjusting the flotation reagent system is an essential aspect.


In the flotation of quartz type gold ore, xanthate is often used as collector, and other agents such as black medicine can also be used. In actual production, higher xanthate can achieve more remarkable recovery effect than lower Xanthate. However, in many concentrators, it is difficult to use a single collector for gold ore collection, so the combined collector is more widely used. Common combinations of combined collectors include butyl xanthate and butyl ammonium black, butyl xanthate and pentyl xanthate, etc.

2.Improve the grinding stage
Improving grinding stage is one of the effective ways to improve recovery rate of quartz type gold ores with uneven distribution. In production practice, we can get the conclusion is: generally in a certain range, the higher the grinding fineness, the higher the recovery rate.


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