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Stone hammer crusher let the stone be formed at one time, powerful function and low price

2022-07-12 17:00:37


“Let the stone be formed at one time” is what the users of stone processing plants are happy to see, which saves both time and effort and money. So does such a crusher really exist? Of course, just like our commonly used hammer crusher, it uses the impact form to complete the one-time forming process of the stone, which can directly crush the stone with a particle size of 600-1200mm to a finished stone with a particle size of ≤25mm, which is widely used in cement, chemical industry, coal mines, highways , metallurgy and other industrial sectors, mainly for the crushing and processing of various medium-hardness materials, with powerful functions and low prices!

A. Structure and applicable materials of hammer crusher
Hammer crusher is mainly composed of casing, rotor, main shaft, hammer head, lining plate, strike plate and other parts. With the rigorous design of its structure, it can have a wider range of applications, and the applicable materials include quartz stone, coal, sandstone, construction waste, diabase, marble, coal gangue, iron ore, slag, glass, etc. 200 There are more than one hundred kinds, and its diversified working methods can meet the crushing needs of more users.


B. The hammer crusher is powerful and more flexible.
1. Sturdy and durable, long service life: The hammer head part is cast by the new process, so that the equipment has higher wear resistance, impact resistance and longer service life;
2. High efficiency and energy saving, strong function: high work efficiency, more sufficient kinetic energy utilization, saving power consumption, increasing production capacity, less dust and more environmentally friendly;
3. Intelligent operation and more flexibility: high-tech design, automatic control system, no need for on-site personnel to work, remote control of the site, and more flexible equipment use;
4. The stone is formed at one time, good effect: The large stone is processed into a standard stone that meets the needs at one time, with good quality, excellent quality, less dust, and adjustable particle size.


C. The hammer crusher is affordable and the investment is small
“Let the stone be formed at one time” is the highlight of the hammer crusher. This function not only shortens the operation process of the crushing site, but also reduces the workload and equipment configuration, which can save about 15% of equipment investment costs. In addition, because the equipment has been in existence for a long time, the technology has become mature, from design to workmanship, it is more mature, saves extra cost waste, makes the overall workmanship easier, and ensures the durability and reliability of the equipment quality. , and the power of functions, etc., so the hammer crusher is more affordable than other crushers with the same function, which can greatly save the user’s investment.

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