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Quartz sand magnetic separation process

2022-07-15 16:31:46


Quartz sand is a kind of non-metallic minerals, which can be widely used in the production of glass, metal silicon, organosilicon compounds, etc. in industry. Quartz sand is divided into natural sand and artificial sand. For natural sand, the beneficiation process is generally impurity removal – classification (desliming) – scrubbing – magnetic separation. If necessary, pickling is required. Crushing and grinding ore to make sand. The beneficiation process is generally crushing-grinding-classification (desliming)-magnetic separation. When there are complex impurities, pickling is used to remove them. In this article, we will introduce quartz sand crushing-grinding-classification (desliming) – Magnetic separation process and equipment.


Quartz sand crushing process:
The quartz sand crushing process mainly divides quartz sand and other gangue minerals into two to three stages according to the size of the original ore, namely coarse crushing and fine crushing, or coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. its initial separation. Generally, three-stage crushing process is used, which are coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. Here we take the three-stage crushing process as an example.


Coarse crushing of quartz sand:
In this operation section, jaw crusher is often used for coarse crushing, and the mined quartz sand ore is fed into the jaw crusher for crushing operation, and then sent to the screening machine by the belt conveyor for screening, and the ore particles on the screen enter the jaw crusher. The crusher is re-crushed, and the ore particles under the screen are sent to the secondary crushing operation by the belt feeder.

Quartz sand medium crushing:
Generally, a hammer crusher can be used for secondary crushing, and sometimes a jaw crusher is used for secondary crushing. After the coarse crushing, the product is crushed by the hammer crusher. After screening, the material on the screen continues to be crushed, and the material on the screen enters the fine crushing operation.

Finely crushed quartz sand:
Generally, cone crusher is used for fine crushing operation, which has fine crushing particle size, uniform particle size and large processing capacity.


Quartz Sand Wet Grinding-Classification Process:

The grinding operation is to dissociate the quartz minerals in one step to achieve the required particle size (usually 0.106-0.425mm or 40-140 mesh) for the production of glass. The grinding and grading operation of quartz sand often adopts a one-stage grinding-grading operation.


The crushed and qualified materials are sent to the rod mill for grinding, and the fine-grained materials after grinding are sent to the desliming bucket for desliming and dehydration, and then sent to the cylindrical screen (or hydraulic classifier) ​​for classification, >0.425mm coarse sand Return to the rod mill for regrinding, the particle size of 0.106-0.425mm is qualified product, and the fine sand <0.106mm is removed as tailings.


Quartz sand iron removal (magnetic separation) process:

The main purpose of magnetic separation of quartz sand is to remove iron impurities that dissociate from monomers in the process of rod grinding, such as weak magnetic minerals such as limonite, hematite, biotite and tourmaline. Medium-strength magnetic separation process is often used.


The qualified products after classification are sent to the drum-type permanent magnet magnetic separator for medium-strength magnetic separation operation. The field strength is about 0.6T. Therefore, it is necessary to enter the high gradient magnetic separator (magnetic field strength is about 13000 oersted) for strong magnetic separation to completely remove iron impurities and realize the purification of quartz sand.


The above is the introduction of the quartz sand magnetic separation process and related beneficiation equipment. In the actual beneficiation plant, according to the different ore properties of the quartz sand and the different types of impurities it contains, the magnetic separation process used is also different. Process and related beneficiation equipment.

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