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An effective method to improve flotation efficiency of gold processing plant

2022-07-14 16:34:01


In the flotation process of gold concentrator, it is most important to improve the flotation efficiency to the greatest extent. Improving the flotation speed of flotation machine shortens the flotation time and effectively improves the flotation efficiency. Flotation speed of flotation machine refers to the flotation time needed to reach a certain recovery rate (or unit production capacity of flotation machine). Improve the recovery and shorten the flotation time, that is, improve the flotation speed. The main measures to improve flotation speed are:

1. Adjust the prescription reasonably, paying special attention to the dosage of foaming agent. In general, a slight addition of foaming agent will increase the flotation speed. However, it must be noted that excessive foaming agent will reduce selectivity, so in the case of selection and collection of large dose, should pay more attention to the dosage of foaming agent should not be excessive.


2. Maximum flotation speed can be obtained by controlling the appropriate pulp concentration. The flotation machine has strict requirements on pulp concentration, which directly affects the flotation effect. Flotation machine is mainly according to the different mineral flotability of flotability good mineral are attached to the bubbles cannot be effectively, difficult separation, poor flotability of mineral instead can achieve very good separation effect, attached to the foam, pulp concentration of mineral ions exercise has a direct impact, we have to adjust the different according to different mineral, in general, The concentration of pulp should always be maintained in a good range, so as to effectively facilitate the separation of minerals, we know that the flotation machine needs to be mixed by adding reagents and pulp, and then fully contact with the air to achieve the conditions of separation, in order to effectively separate.


3. Get the pulp through the flotation tank as soon as possible. The series tank is faster than the parallel tank, which is also beneficial to improve the flotation speed.


4. In a proper range, the flotation speed can be promoted by increasing the rotational speed of the impeller of the flotation machine, reducing the depth of the tank, reducing the gap between the impeller and the cover plate and other measures to increase the air volume.


5. The size of the cleaning tank must be appropriate. Generally speaking, the size of the selection groove can not be too large. The selection trough is too large, so that the slurry stays in the trough too long. It not only makes the concentrate foam depleted, but also reduces the flotation speed.

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