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Introduction of laboratory flotation machine

2022-12-29 16:08:52


Details Introduction

Laboratory flotation machine has a suspended type mechanism and include a totally enclosed anti-friction spindle bearing,stainless steel shaft, stainless steel standpipe with air control valve, three changeable stainless diffuser type hoods, and three removable stainless open type impellers of different sizes for use in various size stainless steel or acrylic tank.
Widely Application
laboratory flotation machine applicable to used in flotation of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Lithium, Nickel; And graphite, sulfur, diamond, quartz, mica, feldspar and other non-metallic minerals and silicate minerals and fluorite, apatite, barite and other non-metallic salt minerals and potassium salt, rock salt and other soluble salt minerals,It also can be used in float test on 125-3000g flotation sample.
Working Principle
We should check if the main spindle turns clockwise normally before operation. If not, then change phase sequence of the power source to let the motor turns clockwise before operation. Mix mineral samples with water and then pour them into the cell. Turn on the start button of the motor to make the main spindle for rotation. The impeller will rotate in the cell. Then open the valve for air inflation and add chemical agent to help form foams.Turn on the switch of the scraper motor for rotation of the scraper to scrape foams out of the cell. There is a box on the working table to collect foams.Minerals needed can be concentrated after processing of the foams.
Main Features
1.Simple structure, easy operation and convenient maintenance.
2.High precision, high separation efficiency.
3.Lower pharmaceutical consumption, lower energy consumption.
4.Corrosion resisting,asdapted special technology and material.
5.Excellent quality,stable working performance.

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