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How to use magnetic separator in correct method?

2020-03-19 15:07:04


Magnetic separator is commonly used magnetic separation equipment in the mining industry. In order to extending the life of the magnetic separator and improve its working efficiency, how to use the magnetic separator in the correct way when it is in the specific operation process?

1. Before starting: the entire mechanical transmission system and machine oil must be carefully inspected before it can be used. Non-professional personals are forbidden to operate the equipment

2. Attentions during the working: please pay attention to check the tightness of the transmission belt, and also pay attention to the presence of iron ore or debris in the box. What Special attention is the temperature rise of the magnetic separator bearing? If the bearing temperature rises too high, it should be stopped immediately to avoid more serious impact.

3. Precautions when the machine was shut down: the sand in the feeding hopper should be less than 1/2, and the boom should be slowly raised until the underwater quadrangular wheel is exposed on the water. There is no sand in the hopper, the feeding motor is stopped, the magnetic separator is stopped, and then the water selection system is stopped.

4. Maintenance: In addition to the use of magnetic separators, attention should be pay attention to the daily maintenance. Firstly, it is necessary to regularly check whether the wearing parts are worn seriously and whether the lubricating parts need to be added or replaced with lubricating oil. It will be better to extend the service life of the magnetic separation equipment. Secondly, the magnetic separator must be keep clean in regularly to ensure that there are no foreign objects and debris that affect the normal operation of the magnetic separator.

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