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How To Use And Maintenance The Gold Ore Wet Pan Mill, Round Mill

2022-06-07 17:32:18


1.After the wet pan mill is running normally, the feeding can be started.

2.The machine is forbidden to start with material. When it is stopped and restarted for some reason, the residual ore in the middle of the grinding tank should be cleaned up before restarting.


3.Evenly feeding, not more or less, try to use the feeder.


4.The bearing part needs to be greased frequently, and the gear box needs to be checked frequently for damage to the gear oil.


5.Frequently check whether the screws in various parts are loose.


6.When the bearing is found to be damaged, replace it in time to avoid damage to other parts due to shaft eccentricity.


7.When the wet pan mill is running, pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise in the reducer or the bearing part, whether there is abnormal temperature rise, whether the motor current is too large, etc.


8.When overhauling the machine, to ensure safety, remove the motor belt


In Africa, at least 90% gold miners are using the wet pan mill for processing gold (wet pan mill) in there gold processing system instead of ball mill.

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